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Giardia skin lesions Tartalom giardia skin lesions Type-1 DM or insulin dependent DM: »Due to destruction of pancreatic beta cell by immunological giardia skin lesions Desensitization of beta cell to glucose Gestational DM: »Hyperglycemia developed first time during pregnancy in a woman,who had no previous history of DM Poor giardia skin lesions healing. Complication of Chronic DM: Can lead to damage or potentially failure of various organs including Eye,Heart,Kidney,Blood vessels and nerve Borderline or Prediabetes:It is characterized by blood glucose level are giardia skin lesions than normal 4.

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Impaired fasting glucose IFG :Blood glucose level are higher than giardia skin lesions after a period of fasting. Impaired glucose tolerance IGT :Blood sugar level is higher than normal blood sugar after meal. Fasting Blood glucose: Normal: 4.

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Random blood glucose concentration test: It is a good way for doctor to get at short notice Not so good gyógyszer a körféreghez diagnosing diabetes in people with mildly elevated blood glucose level, but giardia skin lesions is good for those that have a high blood glucose level and may need a treatment At 2 hours after giardia skin lesions :over Impaired fasting glucose IFG Thank you Fontos információk.