Varázsfalva – The Wizards Village

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Varázsfalva valahol az Óperenciás tenger partján fekszik, az Üveghegy oldalában. A mesék sok tartozéka hever benne szerteszét, rendet kellene egy kicsit tenni.

Old tribes and folks in different cultures believed in high forces, in holly spirits, in different natural and non understandable things. When education has been on a very low level or it even didn’t exist, people needed some super force to explain how things around them actually function. No one can tell if there ever were scientific explanations about their acting and believing but generations of people have simply lived like that, full of rituals and believes and especially in idolatry of Gods and forces. In today adventure for you, our loyal players, we are representing you exactly that world of the weirdly and supernaturally. Try to use your great imagination, to think as if you are some adventurer put in such a place. Go through few old stories about places that are being led by sorcerers and wizards

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